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Luis Carlos Fernández

Luis Carlos Fernández will contribute his extensive experience in representing soccer players as well as his knowledge in Sports Marketing.

  • Degree in INEF from the University of Leon
  • Master in Commercial Management and Marketing from the ESIC
  • Director and founder of IS Sports
  • Founder The Fittest Managers

Mario "Tank" Mairena

Mario brings the point of view of a CrossFit athlete, affiliate and owner of CrossFit Puerto Banús.

  • 6 years Crossfit coach
  • Owner of CrossFit Puerto Banús
  • Founder The Fittest Managers
  • Athlete Scout
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Álvaro Costa

Álvaro Costa an expert in Product Marketing and commercial relations.

  • Communication and Marketing Strategy for Athletes.
  • General promotion of The Fittest Managers brand.
  • 6 years of experience in Nike Sports Marketing Football.
  • Founder of Good Luck Have Fun.
  • Founder of Álvaro Costa & Soccer
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Marina Ruiz Gomez

  • Degree in economics from the University of Malaga (Different courses taken at the University of Salamanca)
  • Specialized training in business management from the University of Malaga
  • Manager of RG Asesores

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