We were born to provide coverage and support in the races of our athletes.

CrossFit continues to grow and more and more athletes are competing at a professional level in our country and abroad. Most dream of one day making it to the CrossFit Games. In the absence of sponsorships and support for athletes, we created the first Spanish representation agency for CrossFit athletes.

There are athletes who dedicate their lives to CrossFit and have the need to work very hard to be able to afford registrations, materials, physiotherapy, psychologists, travel… when they should be exclusively dedicating themselves to promoting their careers as professional athletes.

“We realized how complicated it is for many of them, even being the best, to be able to compete, get sponsors and have money to finance their sports careers” – Mario Mairena

The professionalization of our athletes is a fact and their competitive capacity is in great growth, programming, physios, nutritionists, etc. they are already part of their work “teams”. THE FITTEST MANAGERS covers the improvement of the image and promotion of its athletes through the care of their rrss, the promotion of their image, the agreement with brands, the organization of events, etc. We have different departments to give the athlete the best possible service: Marketing Department, Finance Department, Social Media Department and Events Department.

“The Fittest Managers was born in response to the need for a sports manager who takes care of the athlete in everything related to social media, communication, sponsorships, events, etc. We want to offer a more professional management of their careers, give them greater exposure among brands and the general public.” – Luis Carlos Fernández.

We are the first agency that manages everything an athlete needs to be able to dedicate himself exclusively to training and promoting his professional career. An athlete focused on training and with a multidisciplinary team by his side will improve his performance and his main focus will be training.

How do we do it?

Management and representation of the athlete.

Image and media management

Intermediation between brands and athletes


Tax and legal advice

And more.

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